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How Interior Designers and Home Furnishing Brands Can Increase Reach

Instagram Now Favors Original Content

Instagram recently dropped an update that signals a significant shift in the algorithm. In May 2024, the platform announced it will be prioritizing original content creation, meaning the days of relying solely on stunning but borrowed visuals are fading.

As social media strategists dedicated to elevating the online presence of interior design and home furnishing brands, we at Marketing Interiors by ES are on the pulse of social media news. Today, we’ll be delving into a recent Instagram update that emphasizes the importance of original content creation.

Why Fresh Content Matters More Than Ever

Instagram’s recent update emphasizes fresh, authentic content. Posts that are heavily edited, reposted from other platforms or even using stock footage might get lost in the shuffle. The platform now rewards accounts that cultivate genuine connections with their audience through unique and engaging content.

The announcement: Allowing small business owners to break through to new audiences.

What this means for you:

So how can you leverage this update to increase your Instagram reach? Here are some key strategies for interior design and home furnishing brands:

Showcase Your Process: Take your followers on a journey behind the scenes. Offer glimpses into your design process, from material samples to project completion.

Embrace User-Generated Content: Feature stunning photos or videos from your clients showcasing your designs in their homes, adding a layer of authenticity.

When recycling content: Remove watermarks from other social media platforms. Whether you’re posting a screenshot from X (formerly known as Twitter) or downloading a Tik-Tok video, make sure you remove watermarks before posting to Instagram.

Leverage Storytelling: Use the carousel feature to tell a captivating story through visuals, before-and-after reveals, or mood board inspirations.

Use all features Reels & Stories: Embrace Instagram’s short-form video features to create engaging content that resonates with your audience.

By prioritizing original content creation, you can cultivate a high-performing Instagram presence that attracts your ideal clients. This fosters deeper connections, strengthens brand loyalty, and ultimately propels your interior design or home furnishing business forward.

Marketing Interiors by ES specializes in crafting tailored social media strategies that empower interior design and home furnishing brands. If you’re ready to increase your brand awareness, fill out our contact form.

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